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Objection to the proposed hotel application on 27 Lugard Road, The Peak (Town Planning Board application: A/H14/75 – 27) The landlord of 27 Lugard Road on the Peak, had withdrawn an application to develop what used to be a family residence into a hotel, but barely one week later a fresh application with very minor amendments has been re-submitted. The latest application can be accessed at Lugard Road is […]

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I’m among the opponents to the Shek Kwu Chau incinerator. At first, this was because it was near Cheung Chau, where I live. It seemed wrong to me to build an industrial site complete with 150-metre chimney in this beautiful part of Hong Kong. But as I learned more about incineration, and alternatives, I came to believe it would be the wrong approach no matter which location is chosen. I […]

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I’m a date coach. Just as a coach at the gym advises on the use of equipment and the best exercise routine, a date coach can help you get the maximum out of a dating experience by teaching you how to best use your personal equipment: personality, physical appearance and social skills. Date coaching is very popular in the United States, but is just beginning to make inroads in Hong Kong. […]

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