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By Nikki Kemp The announcement of a new motor racing championship which uses electric cars, ‘Formula E’, didn’t create much of a stir in Hong Kong until plans were put forward for a round to be held on the streets of our city. Recently, Hong Kong has popped up on the racing calendar for 2014, prompting excitement in some quarters and cynicism in others. While a silent, electric-powered Grand Prix […]

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By Martin Williams This year marks the 30th anniversary of conservation work at Mai Po Marshes, which has become one of the world’s greatest wetland reserves, and a place I’ve come to know well over the years. Indeed, Mai Po was a key factor that enticed me to move to Hong Kong almost 26 years ago: I had been leading bird migration studies at Beidaihe on the China coast, and […]

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South China Morning Post, by Howard Winn Our piece on the plan for a boutique hotel at 27 Lugard Road has attracted some attention and it is such an absurd decision that it is worth dwelling on it further. The Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong (ABHK) has done sterling work on this, though it has so far proved to be in vain. In its recent defence of its decision […]

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Dear Hikers and Friends, We need your support for a petition to ensure that Lugard Road – which is where the world-famous Hong Kong Trail begins – continues to be a safe and tranquil trail frequented by people from all corners of the globe. You may know that on 6 September 2013, Hong Kong’s Town Planning Board (TPB) gave its approval for what was a single family residence on Lugard […]

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South China Morning Post The Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong has launched a global petition against the Town Planning Board’s decision to allow a 97-year-old house in Lugard Road on The Peak to be converted into a hotel. The move would cause traffic and sewage problems, and it imperilled the building’s preservation, it said. (This is for reference only.)

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On 6 September 2013, Town Planning Board (TPB) gave the green light for 27 Lugard Road to be converted into a hotel, but ignored public concerns that demonstrate the application was flawed and should have been rejected. 1) Danger to pedestrians: In preventing the Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong’s submissions and ignoring the concerns of the 152 other members of the public who objected to the hotel project, the […]

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