Alliance For a Beautiful Hong Kong

Protect Beautiful Hong Kong

By Anuja Agarwal The city speaks…

A million faces blend to form my skyline,
 Some call me fast-paced, even a greedy
 shadow lurking behind The harbour…
 But if you look long enough 
you will see 
I am not a maze of money, but 
of sweat and dreams… 
And I can give you wings To soar above the million faces… Xiang-Gang is a melting-pot for many cultures and nationalities – a centre […]

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By Melanie Moore While much of the public’s recent attention has rightly focused on protecting Hong Kong’s country parks from development and our harbour from further reclamation, the threat to Hong Kong’s urban parks and public open spaces has gone largely unnoticed. Encroachment into Victoria Park is the most recent example. Buried in the plans for the current Central-Wanchai Bypass project is a “slip” road being built directly through Victoria […]

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