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By Christina Dean Last Sunday, I had a fashion emergency. It hit me at 80km per hour as I drove my three over-excited kids through the Western Tunnel for a much-anticipated birthday party on Big Wave Bay. I realized I had forgotten my swimming costume. So rather then turn back to my Tuen Mun home, which would have added another hour to the trip, I stopped at a well-known fashion […]

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                            On September 12, 2014 the Town Planning Board rejected the application of a developer to rezone Green Belt land along Bowen Road for construction of a private access to a single residential property development. Over 3,100 objections were submitted by ABHK members, supporters and friends. This is a tremendous victory to protect Hong Kong’s hiking trails […]

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By Charmaine Carvalho Recently, I met a little girl who attends four interest classes every week. “They’re busier than us,” her mother sighed. I also recently encountered one of those children I had so far only heard about – the ones that attend a Chinese kindergarten in the morning and an English one in the afternoon. Both these may be extreme cases, but most parents I know send their children […]

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