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Dear Friends, Thanks to your help we have been able to keep up the pressure against the development of a hotel at 27 Lugard Road. We have collected 120,000 signatures from people who opposed the plan, but we need your help once again. The developer has recently submitted a fresh application to the Town Planning Board asking to amend the earlier plans (which were approved in September 2013). We need […]

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By Rebecca Abraham Over the past few years I’ve found that I go into one of the many ritzy malls that dot this city only when I am trying to beat the heat, or going to the cinema, or need a toilet. Yet I am not unlike the average Hong Kong person and do enjoy shopping. But whether I am buying shirts or celery or sieves, I find I’d rather […]

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Last September, Town Planning Board (TPB) approved a controversial hotel redevelopment plan on 27 Lugard Road. Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong (ABHK) opposed the development plan and launched a petition campaign, collecting signatures against the hotel development on 27 Lugard Road. Over 120,000 signatures have been collected to date.  On 4th November, the developer, Crown Empire Limited filed a new application to TPB. It claims to have addressed the […]

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By Chris Taylor I am going to read some terrible essays this month. Of course, as a high school English teacher, that is my job. And, of course, I will also read a few brilliant ones. But what makes this month’s terrible essays special is that they will all be written for one purpose: to get into an American university.  While we hear a lot about the failings of America’s […]

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                      On September 12, 2014, Town Planning Board (TPB) rejected the application to rezone certain Government Land along Bowen Road from its current Green Belt zoning in order to allow for the construction of private vehicle access road to a single residential property development .  However, the Applicant has now filed an application seeking a review of TPB’s rejection.  Accordingly, we are again seeking your assistance to write to […]

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