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Lugard Road on the Peak is the best place to enjoy the panoramic scenery of the Victoria Harbour and the city. June and July is the best time of the year to take pictures from the Peak – with a clear blue sky as backdrop. We have invited Mr Arnold Lee, professional travel photographer, to guide us along Lugard Road and find the best spots for taking pictures. We will […]

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【Reaching out to the communities】Katty Law (left), Executive Director of the Alliance For a Beautiful Hong Kong (ABHK) and our researcher Anthony Kilias (right) were invited to speak to members of the Rotary Club of Kowloon North on 12 June 2015 about the conservation challenges of Lugard Road. The audience shared their concern about the future of Lugard Road and some told us their personal stories while they lived and […]

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By John Batten A recent headline in The Financial Times stated that Iran’s current crop of young people were the “normal generation.” That is a compelling thought! After the Iran Revolution of 1979 and decades of virtual isolation from the world, continuing tight cultural controls and repression, and tight US-led economic sanctions, Iran’s present young generation sees the world differently from their elderly leaders. Predominantly urban, internet-savvy, and increasingly socially liberal […]

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