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The Hong Kong Museum of Art closed earlier this month for a major and welcome three-year renovation. Its exterior will undergo a facelift, replacing the ugly, deservedly maligned, toilet-pink tiles. An additional wing will be built on the Cultural Centre side of the museum and a new floor will be added to the rooftop to increase the total exhibition space by 40%. This will give the museum a permanent display […]

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  After the chopping of the four wall trees on Bonham Road on 7th August, the Highways Department (HyD) recently plans to remove another Chinese banyan on Hospital Road. HyD claims that the tree is in danger of collapsing, as it has been repeatedly hit by cars and damaged by fungal infection. Yet, there is no sign that HyD has completed sonar and drilling testing on the tree before deciding […]

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By Norman de Brackinghe What is it about Hong Kong that after living here since 1976 that still makes it the only place I want to live? It is not perfect but it has an original character of its own. Hong Kong’s ability to reinvent itself and yet at the same time keep that original character bubbling away under the skin is quite unique. If I close my eyes and take […]

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By John Batten ‘Big’ news isn’t big for very long in Hong Kong. The fast pace of the city forces anything newsworthy to be quickly assessed for its topicality. And, those that write-up the news – mainly journalists –quickly seek new stories to ensure the ‘old’ news is never perceived to be stale. Nowadays, social media emphasizes the momentary nature of all events, whose histories are quickly swiped away, replaced […]

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