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By John Batten [Architect’s rendition of Bethel Bible Seminary extension in Kowloon City] What makes a “great city”? It’s the sort of a topic one of Hong Kong’s international chambers of commerce might organise with a visiting businessman promoting “fun, vibrancy and innovation.” Or, it could be a seminar title that a Hong Kong university, government department, NGO or industry organisation builds around a group of visiting academics giving sage […]

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by John Batten A booth at exhibition for visitors to ‘confess’ their regrets (photo: John Batten) In the 1980s I worked in New Zealand as a social/community worker in a prisoners’ welfare organization. Specifically, I led a ‘rehabilitation’ programme that bridged the release from prison to life in the outside world for those, mainly men, who had been in prison. We offered work opportunities and a supportive environment. Our organization […]

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by John Batten Exactly six days after the Legislative Council elections, and during the week in which Chu Hoi-dick and two other legislators reported being intimidated and threatened with violence, I went to a marvellous ‘multimedia musical’ theatre performance of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed by the 3-person band The Tiger Lilies and a troupe of actors from the Theatre Republique of Denmark at Kwai Tsing Theatre. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a […]

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