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Join Friends of Lugard Road

Friends of Lugard Road is set up by the Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong (ABHK) dedicated to the protection and conservation of Lugard Road and its surrounding environment.

Our Mission
1. Keep a close watch on the natural and built environment of Lugard Road and protect it against disturbances and damages brought about by vehicular entry, inappropriate planning, constructions and felling of trees, etc.
2. Report these problems to the authority and alert the public as soon as possible and seek proper redresses.
3. Build up a database of the history and ecology of Lugard Road as well as photographic documentation for educational and conservation purposes
4. Advocate a car-free Lugard Road for the safety of the walkers
5. Promote the cultural heritage of Lugard Road via educational activities such a guided tours, workshops, talks and exhibitions
6. Advise the government on policy issues relating to the conservation of Lugard Road

Friends of Lugard Road work together as a team to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of this iconic scenic trail. Join us by submitting the form below.

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