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Dear members and supporters of ABHK,

As many of you know, the developer of Hopewell Center is proposing a large-scale hotel and convention development at its property between Queen’s Road East and Kennedy Road. Such development would have a massive impact on Wanchai, in particular the Kennedy Road residential neighborhood, traffic flows, roads, trees and public spaces. Help us tell the Town Planning Board that the latest changes proposed by the developer are unacceptable.

The developer has again submitted a further revised application to Town Planning Board for approval. Deadline for comments and objections is 4 August. We urge ABHK members to object this application and include a form of objection below. Please feel free to add your own comments and tailor your objections.

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Katty Law
Executive Director
Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong Limited
Sample letter of Objection

Town Planning Board (
Greening, Landscape and Tree Managment Section of Development Bureau (
Lands Department (
Planning Department (
Wanchai District Council (,

CC: Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong (

Re: Object to Application No. A/H5/403

I write to object to Application No. A/H5/403. My objections are as follows:

● The addition of convention theatre and facilities under the proposed park at Kennedy Road means that vegetation and trees within this park will be limited to above-ground planters, as opposed to trees that were previously supported in-ground by soil backfill. In the initial plan this park was at ground level at Ship Street and Hau Fung Lane. In addition, it is likely that numerous ventilation shafts and other structures will be incorporated into the park, depriving the public of promised open space and compensatory trees when compared to previous plans.

● The proposed development will have a massive visual impact along Kennedy Road given the network of elevated ramps, bridges and tunnels going into the much heightened podium of the building to access pick-up/drop-off areas. In order to construct this network, a re-construction of an entire section of Kennedy Road, vegetated slopes, and public footpaths will be required. It is difficult to see how such a solution is even feasible in this narrow stretch without a major re-alignment of Kennedy Road. The Applicant provides no details on these works and provides only one illustration of the elevated ramp onto Kennedy Road, which still does not illustrate the true scope of destruction to the surrounding area necessary to construct such network and gives a false impression of the width, sharp curve and gradient at this location.

● The proposed development poses a grave threat to the mature trees along Kennedy Road, which are located outside the property boundary on public land. The proposed development is too close to the trees. The development will encroach on the space required to preserve the trees’ canopies, and the excavation required for the underground tunnel network will damage the trees’ root systems. These trees are assets belonging to the people of Hong Kong and should not be destroyed.

Accordingly, I ask that Town Planning Board reject this application.

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