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  • Dear members and supporters of ABHK, As many of you know, the developer of Hopewell Center is proposing a large-scale hotel and convention development at its property between Queen’s Road East and Kennedy Road. Such development would have a massive impact on Wanchai, in particular the Kennedy Road residential neighborhood, traffic flows, roads, trees and […]

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Hope and Small Miracles

by John Batten As much as I wish it, not much will change after the Chief Executive election. The clearest indicator that it will be […]

Tsang’s Crime and Punishment


Object to hotel and convention development between Queen’s Road and Kennedy Road before 4 August

Dear members and supporters of ABHK, As many of you know, the developer of Hopewell Center is proposing a large-scale hotel and convention development at […]

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by John Batten The conferment of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan has put ‘poetic’ music in the spotlight. Dylan was not the first recipient to write songs, that honour goes to Asia’s first Nobel recipient and Bengali polymath – writer, musician, artist, educator – Rabindranath Tagore in 1913, who wrote thousands of songs. Dylan has previously been mentioned as a possible Nobel winner, but this was thought...Read on

By John Batten [Architect’s rendition of Bethel Bible Seminary extension in Kowloon City] What makes a “great city”? It’s the sort of a topic one of Hong Kong’s international chambers of commerce might organise with a visiting businessman promoting “fun, vibrancy and innovation.” Or, it could be a seminar title that a Hong Kong university, government department, NGO or industry organisation builds around a group of visiting academics giving sage...Read on

by John Batten A booth at exhibition for visitors to ‘confess’ their regrets (photo: John Batten) In the 1980s I worked in New Zealand as a social/community worker in a prisoners’ welfare organization. Specifically, I led a ‘rehabilitation’ programme that bridged the release from prison to life in the outside world for those, mainly men, who had been in prison. We offered work opportunities and a supportive environment. Our organization...Read on

by John Batten Exactly six days after the Legislative Council elections, and during the week in which Chu Hoi-dick and two other legislators reported being intimidated and threatened with violence, I went to a marvellous ‘multimedia musical’ theatre performance of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed by the 3-person band The Tiger Lilies and a troupe of actors from the Theatre Republique of Denmark at Kwai Tsing Theatre. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a...Read on

By Waltraut Ritter Hong Kong is, like most other cities in the world, currently developing her own strategy to use technology to make the city more liveable for citizens. But what exactly is a Smart City? The Policy Address is rather vague about it, just mentioning doubling free Wi-Fi hotspots across the city. The excitement about providing free Wi-Fi can be compared to the time when city planners got excited...Read on

By John Batten This week, I consider two places. Our universities offer an optimistic chance for inclusive community summer activities. Whereas, the Urban Renewal Authority’s development of historic Lee Tung Street is a failure of planning. I visited the Master’s of Fine Arts graduation exhibition at The Chinese University of Hong Kong a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful summer day and perfect for a walk in the gardens...Read on

By Ken Borthwick In parts of the Pok Fu Lam district in the south-west part of Hong Kong Island can be found buildings and other remains of what was a hugely important Hong Kong enterprise, the Hong Kong Dairy Farm. Some of the remains are readily accessible while others are more off the beaten track, which has aided their survival to this day. The Dairy Farm Company was incorporated in...Read on

by John Batten PMQ has been in the news recently. Its operator, the non-profit organization, the Musketeers Foundation – supported by the Hong Kong Design Centre, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Design Institute of the Vocational Training Council – was chosen by the government to operate the site as a “creative industries landmark.” News reports focused on links that businessman Victor Lo, Chairman of Hong Kong Stock...Read on