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  • Dear members and supporters of ABHK, As many of you know, the developer of Hopewell Center is proposing a large-scale hotel and convention development at its property between Queen’s Road East and Kennedy Road. Such development would have a massive impact on Wanchai, in particular the Kennedy Road residential neighborhood, traffic flows, roads, trees and […]

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Will egg tarts be the only survivors in the URA’s “Old Hong Kong”?

By Dare Koslow The latest advertising campaign from the Hong Kong Tourism Board attempts to draw visitors to the Central district with promises of a […]

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Object to hotel and convention development between Queen’s Road and Kennedy Road before 4 August

Dear members and supporters of ABHK, As many of you know, the developer of Hopewell Center is proposing a large-scale hotel and convention development at […]

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by John Batten In the stairwell of Wan Chai Library is a group of photographs depicting Wan Chai in the 1960s. Included, appropriately but almost too obvious for its timeless cuteness, is a street-side bookstore. Rows of children quietly read serial story-books and comics on the pavement. It is one of those familiar, iconic scenes – like rooftop schools and lines of people, containers-in-hand, collecting water from communal water taps...Read on

The Government is getting ready to sell a large piece of land in Central stretching from Jardine House and Central Piers 7 and 8: the Star Ferry and Maritime Museum. Normally, land leases are sold by tender and the highest bidder wins. For this site, we urge government to choose the winner based on the best design. There are many reasons why this development should be considered a special project....Read on

By John Batten Ho Lok-sang, Dean of Business at Chu Hai College of Higher Education has been studying Hong Kong’s happiness levels annually since 2005. The latest study, of which he was principal researcher, found that people under 30 years old were the unhappiest they have been for a decade. In a RTHK radio interview, Professor Ho suggested a reason: “If it’s within your control, you have to do all...Read on

It’s the season for silly-price-cutting-sales around the world. Throughout November, we’ve endured frenzied shopping scenes played out in shops and tablets as Singles Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday turned many normal consumers into shopping zombies. Here, products that we didn’t even realise we wanted, let alone needed, flew off the shelves simply because of gutter price points. It seems that the sales, which have been so heated that even...Read on

by John Batten The conferment of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan has put ‘poetic’ music in the spotlight. Dylan was not the first recipient to write songs, that honour goes to Asia’s first Nobel recipient and Bengali polymath – writer, musician, artist, educator – Rabindranath Tagore in 1913, who wrote thousands of songs. Dylan has previously been mentioned as a possible Nobel winner, but this was thought...Read on

By John Batten [Architect’s rendition of Bethel Bible Seminary extension in Kowloon City] What makes a “great city”? It’s the sort of a topic one of Hong Kong’s international chambers of commerce might organise with a visiting businessman promoting “fun, vibrancy and innovation.” Or, it could be a seminar title that a Hong Kong university, government department, NGO or industry organisation builds around a group of visiting academics giving sage...Read on

by John Batten A booth at exhibition for visitors to ‘confess’ their regrets (photo: John Batten) In the 1980s I worked in New Zealand as a social/community worker in a prisoners’ welfare organization. Specifically, I led a ‘rehabilitation’ programme that bridged the release from prison to life in the outside world for those, mainly men, who had been in prison. We offered work opportunities and a supportive environment. Our organization...Read on

by John Batten Exactly six days after the Legislative Council elections, and during the week in which Chu Hoi-dick and two other legislators reported being intimidated and threatened with violence, I went to a marvellous ‘multimedia musical’ theatre performance of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed by the 3-person band The Tiger Lilies and a troupe of actors from the Theatre Republique of Denmark at Kwai Tsing Theatre. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a...Read on