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Protect Beautiful Hong Kong

ABHK and LFSECG commenced as associations of volunteers, bringing together business people, professionals, entrepreneurs, students and housewives, for the common good.   Our largest campaign to date, an attempt to stop redevelopment of 27 Lugard Road as a boutique hotel–and the very real threat it poses to Lugard Road as a nature trail–saw ABHK set up a signature collection post outside the access to 27 Lugard Road, which has been manned virtually every day since 1 October 2013, and in the process collecting 120,000+ signatures in opposition.  There are 11 government departments involved, not including the Town Planning Board or District Councils, whose members play a role.  We have thousands of man-hours invested in petition signing, formulating and documenting our objections, communicating with government departments, lobbying TPB, lobbying of District Council members, lobbying Legislative Council members, letter writing, and liaising with the media on this one project alone.  The scale of these sorts of campaigns is daunting.

In addition to volunteers freely giving of their time, we have increasingly been forced to seek assistance from professionals who can give us access to the latest social media tools to enhance our communication with the public.  These campaigns incur real expense for professional advice and studies.  We have considerable out of pocket expenses for translation services to get our message to all segments of our audience.

To date, ABHK has been funded through the generosity of its Governors with their time and financial support.  But we need to broaden our financial base to become self-sustaining and we solicit your help now.  Contributions in excess of $100 are tax-deductible and ABHK will provide a receipt.

1) Cheque (Payable to “Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong Limited”).

2) Direct pay-in to the bank account of “Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong Limited” (HSBC 848-357265-838)

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